Friday, August 7

''Sophia'' means wisdom

Sophia is a greek product design brand, which created by the talented designer Alexandra. Sophia without cliché ways, shows us the new era of Greece. Through her designs encourage us to think, share and feel. She silently telling tales of beauty and nobility, power and wisdom, youth and hope, whispering us the wish to enjoy thinking. 

Owl statue, the bird of wisdom

Tuesday, June 9

Trend Alert: ''Stone Age'' lights

They seem like galaxy stones or ethereal jewelry. The ceiling lights are Arik Levy's design for the Crystal Rock collection. It's an innovated product for the design world. The Led lamps create some interesting reflections.  
Congrats mr. Arik!

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post by Konadeco

Katikies Hotel in Santorini

It's one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Santorini- and not only. Katikies Hotel is known for its carefully design and of course for the high-level services. The hotel is built on the cliff of Oia. It gives the feeling of privacy and unpretentious luxury. Of course as you can see, the big deal is the view.

Friday, March 27

Book preview: How to be Parisian

I buyed How to be Parisian book at Christmas as a shelf-gift. The book does not nominate you to become parisian but it shows the lifestyle, the culture and the habits (good and bad) of parisian women. HTBP is a fresh and funny book and wherever you live, you can inspire from parisians' independent and powerful behavior. The photo gallery inside, is remarkable with romantic and sexy photos. Authors are four acknowledged women, who have been friends for years. They're very different, as they say, but they always agree on important things. Anne Berest (writer), Audrey Diwan (writer, film director, magazine- editor), Sophie Mas (producer) and the famous Caroline de Maigret (model, musician, ambassador for Chanel, muse for Lancome), give their own point of view about style, men, culture etc.

First chapter is all about the basics, like ''what you won't find in her closet'' (Logos. You are not a billboard, A fake designer bag etc.), ''How to answer the phone when he finally calls'' (the parisienne lets the phone ring), ''First date at Cafe de Flore'' and more basic things about parisienne.

Second chapter.. ''Own your bad habits'' (Hosting a dinner party, How to make him think you have a lover, Parisian Snobbisms etc.)


Monday, March 23

How to do : Entryway

Do you listen entryway or hall and imagine an empty and cold space before your living room? Well, that's not necessary. You can transform your ''hello'' space to a friendly, warm and practical one. I'll give you the must-have things and some tips to level up your entryway.

Console and bench (the master piece)

Pick a console with one or two benches according the style of your house. The console can be with drawers (for hiding stuff) or not, wide or narrow but not higher of your waist.

You can ''mix and mach'' the benches with console for more complexity. Use the bench as a drop zone for bags or taking off/putting shoes. Put them under the console or left and right.


An important piece for a quick looking. It's best to choose a big mirror for an ''open space'' effect. Match the frame style to your console.  

Friday, March 13

Just Chiara Ferragni's Home in LA

When you imagine the house of the most fashionable girl in the world, you know that it will be fresh and modern, with high dose of famous and luxury decoration brands. Chiara Ferragni mooved in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Andrew Arthur. The famous fashion blogger during fashion weeks, photoshootings and meetings had to decorate her new home. Of course that would be impossible, so they hired the talented interior designers from consort office.

Chiara's personal style is extremely modern. Most of the time her outfits have colourful and kiddy character. She loves Mickey Mouse... the couple bought a Mickey vintage telephone at the local flea market..''It was such a great day'', she says. So, the house has pops of ''funny moments'' but always with an elegant way. Chiara says ''Luckily Andrew and I have almost the same taste, but we talked with Mat and Brandon and they helped us to find a middle ground'' ...Hmm...personaly i find the house more ''Ferragnian'' than ''Arthurian'' but..they know better! Let the pics speak..

     The living room