Tuesday, October 25

A touch of glam anyone??

I' m very excited about this sense of glam. I find these things really sophisticated and delicate.

I like this glamorous look becouse with a touch of gold you can make your house look expensive and special! I gathered 10 FAB FINDS for those of you in the process of decorating!

Take ideas and good luck!!

Have a great week!!
A touch of glam?

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sissy said...

love them all!!so elegance!i vote for the boots-umbrellas case!!!;)

Lenaki said...

Buddha is fabulous!! I vote for no.2!!!!

Esta de moda said...

Love this post!!!
I vote for no.9,blanket Hermes, please!!
Kisses baby!!!

mia xara said...

Hi kwny, Thank you for visiting our blog! My fave is the mirror,it looks very elegant!!XOXO

Erin Brodie said...

Love your blog <3 so gorgeous.

kwny(Decorastyl) said...

Thank you Erin so much! I'm following you!
Follow me if you like..

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