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12 MUST-HAVE Accessories for your Living room

Hello dears...I have been in place many times to be jealous living rooms in magazines and various sites. But finally I'm thinking that with some simple tips we can all have a stylish living room, maybe not just like them but really good or better than them...why not??! Well..I organised for you 12 Home Accessories that will turn your  home into a glamorous and appealing abode .. but of course with our own style!

Take a pen and paper and next time invest in all time classic and must-have peices!

RUGS can add extra layers to a room. I prefer large to add volume and warmth in the area. Choose textures that are soft on your skin and your aesthetics. Τhe sheep from IKEA is perfect!

Untitled #7

Pillows are must have for sofas and chairs! It's an easy way to give a touch of glam in your area! I especially love monogrammed pillows..they look like so expensive and chic!! Take a look here 

Untitled #7

Mirrors are give the sense that the space is bigger. Your mirror must have something glamorous and  if you like something gold.
Untitled #5

Bookends are first of all useful to hold your books with style! They're also wonderful decorations and give a sophisticated style to your space. Try them and you will remember me!!

Untitled #6

 I love them! Adding throws into your home not only keeps you warm and cozy, but is also very inviting and helps brighten up a couch and chair, with a touch of class and flair. You can choose a bright colored throw or one with your favorite print. Buy warm and soft throws.
Untitled #7

Buy trinkets witch express yourself. They can place in trays many together. Gold trays give prestige in the living room. I like especialy small Budhas in my living, not because I believe in him but he gives me the sense of calm and pieceful.

Untitled #7

I'm sure that you agree that lighting is the key to make your home warm and cozy.  Lighting is also used to illuminate and highlight certain pieces of furniture, artwork and decor. Don't choose lamps same colour with the other room..make the diference and the result will be perfect!
Untitled #8Using trays to hold vases, frames, flowers and little trinkets gives a coffee table a real touch of flair and personality. Next from tray put beautiful books..It's look like perfect!

by kwna89

Untitled #10

Beautiful books or magazines can make miracles in your living room! They're sofisticated and you go up level! Choose books that have similar colours like pictures. You can put a vase or some flowers on them.
Untitled #11

Untitled #12

Finally here is the top must have peice for your living room. Colourful artwork make tha space more filled and warm. I propose you to pair a colourful artwork with a black/white one. Artwork is personal taste of sense so buy anything that ''talk'' to your heart.

Which one is your favorite must-have piece??

Thank you so much..kisses..

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sissy said...

very special theme with special items that make the difference!love the classic and the detail that give paintings & pillows!but most of all the throws i would never leave!well done konny,we must definetely have them all!!!

Esta de moda said...

Beautiful post dear!!!!!
I want all pillows!!!!
Keep going!!!

Lenaki said...

These items can really make a home warm and inviting! BRAVO! The ideas you give is exceptional! Draws attention to the pillows, rugs and of course the candle (my weakness).. Certainly will make the proposals come true! Thanks kwny!!

xanthi said...

ola toso wrea..exw trela me thn diakosmhsh, pada re ersitexniko akolou8w!apo larissa eisai?

kwny(Decorastyl) said...

eimai foithtria sth larisa alla kai menw edw kai xronia. Xarhka poly pou se vrhka kai eida to post sou gia to fashion week!

christina said...

fantastiko post! to kataeyxaristithika, pira idees kai fainetai oti exeis kanei polli douleia!!! molis egina kai i nea su follower! :)
tha xaro na se do sti Lemoncake Wardrobe kai tha xaro dipla an apofasiseis na kaneis follow back :P
keep up the great job,

kwny(Decorastyl) said...

Πραγματι μου πηρε αρκετο χρονο! Τελειο το blog σου! Προτεινω να το επισκεφθειτε και οι υπολοιπες!!

ELEUTHERIA1988 said...


Claire D. T said...

Καταπληκτικό ποστ κοπέλα μου!! Εγώ μιας και λατρεύω τα κεριά έχω πολλά στο σπίτι μου.. Όπως και πίνακες (οι περισσότεροι ζωγραφισμένοι από την αδελφή μου, κάνει 5 χρόνια μαθήματα).
Ανταποδίδω και το follow!

Φιλάκια Πολλά

kwny(Decorastyl) said...

Euxaristw koritsia!! Antapedosa ta follows!!Filia!!

L. said...

Αχ must have!!!! Ξεχώρισα μερικά πολύ όμορφα...

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