Monday, November 28

Christmas wreaths

Did you start the christmas preparations? If you haven't decorate your outdoor {and not only} yet, take some ideas for this year wreath! I collect for you some wreaths, that you can make your own! 

Start to create it from now with materials that allow your budget ... and always with imagination, joy and love!

 Stick to a wreath, balls and ornaments that look like biscuits or candies...

 Stick balls themselves in the same or different colour in correct combinations...

 Put ribbons in a wreath for an economical but beautiful effect...

 Any ideas for wreaths?? How is yours??
Have a nice week..


3 σχόλια:

Esta de moda said...

I would like the first picture, with cookies!!!
It's soooo delicius!!!!
Keep going sweetheart!!!
Kisses and Hugs, Olgianna!!

sissy said...

i agree with esta de moda the first one is perfect!!i want it for my door!like the idea of making my own wreath especially with cookies and candies!!!

Lenaki said...

My favorite is the third picture!! You can do what you want combination with that color you like!!! perfect!! thanks kwny!!! :-))))

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