Friday, December 30


Hallo angels!! One of my favorite topics to discuss or search is the reconstruction of old objects or furnitures. Sometimes it's good because some things have sentimental value or we want to change them, or just for saving money (sometimes). I am a huge fan of this method! While I was blogging I found many ''before-after'' pics and here they are ...enjoy..


 Are you fan of restoration?
If you have pics of your ''before-after'', you can send me and I'll public them..

Happy holidays,

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Sam said...

This is such a great post! I love the before and after transformation photos. Its unbelievable what a little fabric and redesign can do for old furniture. I recently bought a vintage 50's chair and had it reupholstered. Wish I took before & after pics :(

sissy said...

great ideas konny!like the after transformation photos,especially the white colour,so chic!!happy new year to all of us!!!!

Claire D. T said...

I just love this post!! :)

alex said...

lovely....lots of tons of white paint but still lovely...

Lenaki said...

Amazing fotos kwny!!!

Joey said...

This is amazing!!
great photos

xx Joey

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