Monday, December 12

New find-inspiration!

Happy Monday! While I was blogging I found this treasure! The two-bedroom apartment located in Girona, a city in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain, in Pyrenees Mountains. This is a lovely place to get away and enjoy relaxing moments..
Enjoy. . .    


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shoelazzo said...

I wish I could be there right now!

Lenaki said...

Fantastic home!! It so cozy and warm!! All day cocooning!!!!

L. said...

Ουάου! Πόσο τέλεια όλα! Η κουζίνα, το ξύλο παντού, τα χρώματα και το ελατόδασος έξω από τα παράθυρα! Απίθανο...

Esta de moda said...

When i visited Girona fell in love,
so far fell in love with this house!!!
The combination of wood with beautiful colors
to travel in fairytales!!!!
Kisses and Hugs,Olgianna!!!

sissy said...

from the best posts you've ever had!!totally love the house especially noticed the detail of little windows all over it!magnificent!!:)

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