Saturday, December 10

Trees trees....

Trees..trees..trees! We can talk hours for the ''right'' tree! Tree decor is a very personal case. The style of house is very important! There is the classic tree, minimal, the funky, the bachelor, the japanese, the natural.. etc. 
The colour of the house is good to reflect on ornaments. One colour from our space must be there on our tree for harmony.

As you see below the space is in white/creme tones and the ornaments too..

 The ice-cold mood here become stronger from the snow branches and white ornaments.


The decoration can be with lot of objects..just with garlands or bows, socks, cookies and candies, big letters, stars, pine cones, just with snow or lights, family's photos, cds, children's animal toys and anything else you can imagine!

My advises 
  1. Think big. The big ornaments occupy more space and with that way you won't buy a lot.. and they look like more prestigious!
  2. Stay on theme. Before you start decorating, think a you want something classic/colonial? colourful/funky (butteflies with flowers)? rustic/vintage (photos/cookies)? etc.....
  3. Be care the theme of the tree fitting with your house mood.
  4. Be care the crystal ornaments be near lights to shine more!
  5. For a cheap solution collect pine-cones, dried leaves, seasonal nuts, mistletoe, brunches etc..
  6. For a snowy/white tree, buy white spray and spray some branches or all..
  7. Search in your home for ornaments. Everything can be ornament with imagination!
  8. Decorate the tree with family/friends and only with joy and love! 

How is your tree??


4 σχόλια:

sissy said...

omg!love trees with so many ornaments!!fantastic ideas!i want my tree colourful with lots of candies!!they make me up!!!!

L. said...

Τι όμορφα! Μου άρεσαν όλα γιατί είναι ξεχωριστά και ιδιαίτερα...

Lenaki said...

Ιncredibly ornaments!!! Τhe ideal for me would be a classic tree with vintage touches!!! Thank you kwny for great ideas!!!

Esta de moda said...

Fantastic ideas my dear!!!
Loven all of them!!!
Love you!!
Kisses and Hugs,Olgianna!!!

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