Monday, August 6

Paris mon amour!

Hi my friends. I'm so glad that I finally made ​​the journey to the city of light, fashion and..macaroons!!
Well I spent a week in Paris trying to do all the "must" things! I did a lot but it's never enough in Paris! 

Galeries Lafayette shopping

all the big brands with new collections where there..

the view from roof garden of Gallerie Lafayette was shocking (there is a cool cafe- restaurant up there ;) )

la librairie (I spent 1-2 hours in there)

avenue des Champs-Elysses

Arche de Triomphe

cappuccino et macaroon à Paul (chocolate of course)

our favorite macaroons LADUREE in Champs-Elysses 
(the photos not allowed so that's all I scored )



bon-bon et biscuites

Jardin du Luxembourg

I loved the crowded small bistro.. 

walks on right site of Seine river (rive droite)

french wine

Musée du Louvre

the greek Aphrodite of Milos

....and finally lmagnifique Tour Eiffel

Now back to reality but a part of my heart is left behind!
 The only sure is that I'm not finished with Paris!


pictures by me

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Μαζί... KaPa said...

Απίστευτες εικόνες...όλα αυτά μου φαίνονται σαν όνειρο!!! Αραγε θα μπορέσω να ξαναπάω....αχ τι μου έκανες.Με ταξίδεψες!!!!

Esta de moda said...

Μας ταξίδεψες σε μέρη μαγικά!!!
Next time with me!!!

Kisses and hugs,Olgianna!!

sissy said...

Paris je t'aime!!!!<3 απλά υπέροχο..

Georgia Zemou said...

Amazing photos sweety! I m following you now on GFC ! Hope you visit my blog and follow back if you want! :)


Miss Aa said...

woww.. so lucky..
wish I could go there either :'(
visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

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