Friday, March 27

Book preview: How to be Parisian

I buyed How to be Parisian book at Christmas as a shelf-gift. The book does not nominate you to become parisian but it shows the lifestyle, the culture and the habits (good and bad) of parisian women. HTBP is a fresh and funny book and wherever you live, you can inspire from parisians' independent and powerful behavior. The photo gallery inside, is remarkable with romantic and sexy photos. Authors are four acknowledged women, who have been friends for years. They're very different, as they say, but they always agree on important things. Anne Berest (writer), Audrey Diwan (writer, film director, magazine- editor), Sophie Mas (producer) and the famous Caroline de Maigret (model, musician, ambassador for Chanel, muse for Lancome), give their own point of view about style, men, culture etc.

First chapter is all about the basics, like ''what you won't find in her closet'' (Logos. You are not a billboard, A fake designer bag etc.), ''How to answer the phone when he finally calls'' (the parisienne lets the phone ring), ''First date at Cafe de Flore'' and more basic things about parisienne.

Second chapter.. ''Own your bad habits'' (Hosting a dinner party, How to make him think you have a lover, Parisian Snobbisms etc.)


Chapter 3.. ''Cultivate your allure'' (The essentials, Less is more, On a Parisienne's bookshelf etc.)

Chapter 4 is all about love and sexuality..''Dare to Love''. Love, sex, mother's advice, pregnancy, flirting, nakedness, wedding and cohabitation are on the list..

Chapter 5, ''Parisian Tips'', was pleasant and practical. It shows us how to spend a day/week the parisian way, to cook french freakfast/ Sunday recipes, to set the table a la parisian. Also, they reveal ''little big treats'' (loved them) to relax like parisian.

In the end, the part i loved most was the ''Address Book''! Girls, tell us the right places to go, according our desire and mood. For example if you want to go shopping for parisian clothes go to Thomsen-Paris for chic and poetic outfits. 
Also, if you want to start your day with a blaze and glory breakfast, you must go to Le Train Bleu (click on link to see it! It's soooo royal! It's worth it). can be Parisian..wherever you are!

Did you guys read the book ? Want your opinion..!


Ps: Buy your copy from Amazon.
      All photos taken by me from inside the book

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