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How to do : Entryway

Do you listen entryway or hall and imagine an empty and cold space before your living room? Well, that's not necessary. You can transform your ''hello'' space to a friendly, warm and practical one. I'll give you the must-have things and some tips to level up your entryway.

Console and bench (the master piece)

Pick a console with one or two benches according the style of your house. The console can be with drawers (for hiding stuff) or not, wide or narrow but not higher of your waist.

You can ''mix and mach'' the benches with console for more complexity. Use the bench as a drop zone for bags or taking off/putting shoes. Put them under the console or left and right.


An important piece for a quick looking. It's best to choose a big mirror for an ''open space'' effect. Match the frame style to your console.  

Table lamp

If you have enough space, pick one or two table lamps, othewise put two sconces left and right of the mirror. The warm light promises a glow welcoming.


Decorative trinkets and flowers

They're very important for your room styling. Choose a vase, bookends, candles, decorative trinkets, maybe a tray for more organizing, some beauty-cover books and definitely a plant or some fresh flowers. Beautiful objects make it even nicer to come home.


Choose the size of the rug according to your entryway space. For this high-traffic zone, choose a flat rug for easy cleaning.


Art is the frame of any space. Level up your entryway with a mini art or photo gallery. Choose art pieces that make you happy and positive.

Wall hangers 

Choose these useful and practical things carefuly. They're small but important. Don't forget..small stylish things make the difference. 

Finishing touches

Optionally, behind the console, you can invest in a wallpaper. It gives a luxury sense with no effort. Try to choose one, that makes the console set to pop out.

Also, umbrella holder, baskets for newspapers, a little area/furniture for shoes, are some optional but useful stuff. 

Some remarkable entryways 

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