Tuesday, June 9

Katikies Hotel in Santorini

It's one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Santorini- and not only. Katikies Hotel is known for its carefully design and of course for the high-level services. The hotel is built on the cliff of Oia. It gives the feeling of privacy and unpretentious luxury. Of course as you can see, the big deal is the view.

The rooms are designed with luxury greek-chic style. Open spaces, many windows, white, grey,  light blue, round edges, pops of wood, soft textures and the harmonious stucco sement, set all this dreamy scene. 

   Every detail has been chosen carefully so as to give the total relaxation feeling.  

    KorresBvlgari and Ligne St. Barth luxury cosmetics in the bathroom gives the extra care     you need during the summer months.  

In Santorini every designer has to respect the island beauty and highlight it. So, each room has mini veradas/yards with privé piscine or jacuzzi. The hotel is known for the dreamy ''piscine caves''. The outdoor table set promises the relaxation and privacy you need. Veradas are free from extra decorations and let the view to do the whole job. 

pics by Katikies Hotel

Katikies Hotel is one of the most simple-chic hotel I've ever seen, with an elegant simplicity that disarms the eye. 
Santorini has one more reason to be proud of.

post by konadeco.

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andreea atomica said...

Kindly note that the bathroom amenities provided by the hotel are Apivita and Bvlgari The picture features also Ligne St. Barth cosmetics available on the onsite MO's fashion boutique.

Lenaki said...

Nice post Konstantina!!

sissy said...

dreamy hotel!!!!!how much I'd like to stay there!!!!

Konstantina Kobouri said...

Thanks for the note Andreea..didn't knew. I'll add them for sure!
PS: Ligne St. Barth products are my fave!

Konstantina Kobouri said...

Thank you girls! It's really dreamy! <3

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